The Gift of a Song

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my music website.  My name is Robin and I have been writing songs since I was just a young girl of 9 years old and had this burning desire to express my deepest emotions. It is 2024 and I am 66 years old now.  Yes I am a proud baby boomer.  I was a Software Engineer for 40+ years, left my profession in March 2022 and am now officially retired in 2024.  The gift of a song has always been there for me to find my way through darkness I first experienced as a child.  It gave me hope, it gave me light, it gave a voice to my heart. I have always dreamed that one day I would take these songs and share them with the world.  Finally in 2007 when I turned 50 and was blessed with 7 years of sobriety that's just what I did. 

With hundreds of songs and recordings and still more yet to come I continue to share my music that reflects the emotional journey of my life.  I believe my style and songs are a blend of many genres and reminiscent of all the music I grew up with and have loved, still love and even more so now.  This creative place of mine is where I find roots and traces of country, blues, folk, jazz, pop, and good old rock and roll wrapped into new melodies that accompany my inner voice of emotional expression. In the end I am able to produce a work of art that I love and has given me so much joy.  Though I recognize this natural gift I have been given, I also recognize how very hard I have worked on myself, on my voice, my guitar, my songwriting, my home recordings and videos that I share with you.  If you do listen I'd love to know your thoughts and if a song of mine moved you in any way.  For me emotional communication in a song has a direct connection to my heart and maybe it does for you as well.  

And remember it really is never ever too late while you are on this earth to follow your heart.  The landscape may change and certainly you have changed, but that heart of yours and what you love, well that is the very essense of your soul.