1. The Game
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The Game - by Robin Lee Field - 2/14/2021

You didn’t mean what I thought you meant
I didn’t say what you thought I said
I didn’t hear what I thought I heard
Even though you spoke the words
And just when I do my best
Somebody makes a mess

You didn’t see what I knew I saw
I didn’t feel what you knew I felt
You didn’t think what I knew I thought
Even though red handed you were caught
Doing what you did
And telling the truth is a fib

You didn’t strike that match I saw you strike
I didn’t see you throw that stick of dynamite
They didn’t fill that tank of gas to light
A fire between me and you
You didn’t mean
Just what you meant to do

You didn’t make that call you said you made
I didn’t hear your voice that’s on the tape
You say I’m crazy every time
But somebody tapped the line
And I can sense those lies
As sure as the crow flies

There’s a line of mine that you don’t cross
So you’re gonna cross that line and break the law
One walks away the other stalks
Like prey and a hawk a moth to a flame
And one is the hunter the other is the game

Black ain’t black and white ain’t white
Blue and yellow ain't green tonight
Red and Blue Stars and Stripes
Meant for both you and me
But I still believe
I still hope and dream